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Welcome to goSilver Academy!

This self-paced online resource will help you get smart on how to get started building a profitable worldwide business using the compensation plan–or as we at Worldwide PURE like to call it–the PURE Prosperity Plan!
If you have arrived here and have NOT YET seen the Prosperity Plan, please take some time to watch this recording of a recent presentation so you can fully appreciate what is about to unfold in front of you. We are excited you are here!

The goSilver Academy uses a building block approach to teaching you our “business basics”. Whether you have ZERO business experience or you have decades of knowledge of traditional business operations, everybody should take time to fully understand these training modules both for yourself and for the people who follow you.


PURE is always adding world-class products to its virtual shelves. Learning the benefits of every one of them is quite a journey.

The purpose of this section is to give you a grassroots comprehension of the benefits rendered to most people with the most commonly used products.

To this end, the goSilver Academy will give you a high-level overview of the CORE product lines and a few others. These modules will help you become conversant on the nutrients that will comprise a large majority of your business.

We will “deep dive” beyond these these product introductions in the more advanced goPlatinum and goDiamond modules.


Whether you are new entrepreneur or a veteran in this industry, we have some things to share with you to get you a fast and profitable launch.

Before we begin, please know that there are many different ways to build a profitable online business. The “best” way is the one that best suits you. We encourage you to engage the following resources as if you are taking an “elective course” at your local college. Take notes, study and write down your questions. (You may even want to have a dedicated notebook so you can easily recall your learnings.)

Do not be in a hurry to just get through this information. Take your time and absorb the presented knowledge. It will serve you well in helping you build a rock solid foundation for your new virtual business.


The main reason this website exists is to make you healthier and wealthier. These resources are all for you, your family and your team. However, tools are only useful if you pick them up and put them to work.

This important section of goSilver Academy will make you aware of the amazing tools that are available to you, how to use them, and what to do if you cannot find something or if you have questions.

You will discover that most of the tools we reveal and review will answer your most common questions and fulfill your most common needs. As with the Products and Business modules, we will take you on deeper dives after you qualify for the more advanced goPlatinum training.