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The PURE Prosperity Project represents different things to different people. Some need it for long-term financial security while others see it as a source of immediate cashflows. Some approach the opportunity very casually while others want to “dive in” to learn as much as possible about the Health and Wealth benefits of the project. All aspects of the PURE Academy are supported by volunteer entrepreneurs within the PURE system who truly want you to win big.

To accommodate everyone, we have put in place this virtual learning portal–a veritable “Academy”–that permits you and other brand partners to learn at your own paces and in your own times. As with traditional educational modes and methods, the PURE Academy uses a “building block” approach to learning that gives you the basics in the beginning, then builds on your knowledge base as you advance. The Academy has four sub-academies that are intuitively named goSilver, goPlatinum, goDiamond and goCrown. Each academy is free to use, but you must “graduate” from one before you are invited to the next level.

goSilver Academy

If you are a PURE brand partner and have been invited to this WorldwidePURE website, you are eligible to add yourself to the goSilver Academy. The purpose of the goSilver Academy is to give you a solid foundation on which you can build your future health and wealth. By using the lessons and techniques presented, you will have the tools you need to earn the rank of Silver as shown in the PURE Prosperity Project presentation. Our only promise is to give you the tools for success, but your actual success is related to the promise you make to yourself to put these tools to work. Click here to get yourself started in the goSilver Academy.

goPlatinum Academy

The goPlatinum Academy will give you the tools you need to achieve medium ranks within the PURE Prosperity Project, starting with the rank of Platinum. You will be invited to this academy upon completion of your goSilver Academy training modules AND after you hit at least one other benchmark listed in the goSilver Academy modules. As with the goSilver training, our intent is to train, equip and inspire you to achieve improved health and wealth. We give you the tools, but your success is related to your willingness to chase your goals and dreams.

goDiamond Academy

Access to this academy is also only by invitation. We will invite you to join this advanced training when you achieve the rank of Platinum in the PURE Prosperity Project. The goDiamond Academy takes the teachings of the previous academies to the next level and will help you grow into your leadership role with your growing team as you advance into the higher earnings categories, starting with the rank of Diamond. This academy is about “training the trainers” and will prepare you to properly develop leaders on your worldwide team.

goCrown Academy

We will invite you to the goCrown Academy when you achieve the rank of Diamond in the PURE Prosperity Project. (Members of this academy refer to this group colloquially as Diamond Club.) Our goal is to show you how to nurture in your business four Blue Diamonds so you may earn the rank of Crown within the PURE Prosperity Project.

While the goCrown Academy does have a very high level curriculum that covers all aspects of leadership and philosophy, there is also a significant Round Table component that permits you to have a voice as to the overall direction of Worldwide PURE’s functions, programs and activities.

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