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Channel or GroupPurposePermissions
Worldwide PUREHigh Priority: Top level comms that are relevant to all BPs
(includes peer-to-peer discussion forum)
America PUREHigh Priority: Important messages for American BPs, including North, Central, South and Caribbean
(includes peer-to-peer discussion forum)
PURE AfricaP2P Forum for Brand Partners marketing PURE in AfricaNone
PURE AsiaP2P Forum for Brand Partners marketing PURE in AsiaNone
PURE Middle EastP2P Forum for Brand Partners marketing PURE in Middle EastNone
PURE CaribbeanP2P Forum for Brand Partners marketing PURE in The CaribbeanNone
PURE PacificP2P Forum for Brand Partners marketing PURE in the Pacific CountriesNone
PURE EuropeP2P Forum for Brand Partners marketing PURE in EuropeNone
GoSilverHigh Priority: for those seeking a long-term passive income using the Pure Prosperity ProgramNone
ProductsHigh Priority: Top level product news & infoNone
Product ResultsBrand Partners and Preferred Customers share stories, photos and videos of actual experiences people have has using PURE products.
*** No medical or health claims, only real life experiences ***
PTGGet news and info that’s released from Crown Ambassadors and founders, Jared & Heather BurnettNone
eBook LibraryThis is a private repository of free PDFs, eBooks and ePubs covering a wide range of topics including self-help books and motivational reading.None
Affinity Topics
Athletes & SportsPURE athletics and performance forums discussing sports nutritionNone
Doctors OnlyD2D forum of peers for PharmDs, PhDs, MDs, NDs, researchers & others to discuss products, special populations, studies, ethics & more.
*** Please post a picture of your credentials on first entry. ***
ChildrenPeer-to-peer resource about PURE products and Children including what they enjoy, stories, recipes, successes and more.
*** NO Medical advice, only First-Person experiences ***
Spanish ForumLos socios de marca para son bienvenidos en este foro de discusión.None
World MarketsThis link opens up a menu to specific telegram groups and channels related to other markets across the world.None
Emerging MarketsLeading Edge news & info forum covering new PURE markets including intel on future product launches and new countries.None

Why we use Telegram for News & Info Comms

Telegram is a versatile messaging app offering secure communication through encrypted messages, voice calls, and file sharing. It’s known for its user-friendly interface, speed, and robust privacy features. One standout advantage is its cloud-based architecture, enabling seamless syncing across multiple devices. With support for large group chats of up to 200,000 members, Telegram facilitates effective communication for businesses.

For small businesses, Telegram presents several unique advantages. Its channels allow broadcasting messages to an unlimited number of subscribers, ideal for promotions, updates, and customer engagement. The bot platform enables automation for customer service, scheduling, and more, streamlining operations and enhancing user experience. Additionally, Telegram’s encryption ensures data security, a crucial aspect for handling sensitive business information.

Telegram’s file-sharing capabilities support sharing documents, images, and videos up to 2GB, facilitating efficient collaboration and content distribution. The app’s customizable features, such as stickers and themes, enable businesses to create a personalized brand presence, fostering customer engagement. Its combination of security, scalability, and versatile functionalities makes it a terrific tool for small businesses, empowering them to efficiently communicate, engage with customers, automate processes, and grow their brand presence.